Fishing Report for August 2 (Islamorada, FL)

We had a great day offshore again today! The Tuna fishing was great to start and we caught a few Skipjacks on the troll and then some Blackfins on the jigs! The ‪#‎Mahi‬ fishing was a little slower, but we still found a couple of schools. We also caught a nice Barracuda on the way home! Wind was 5 knots southeast. Seas 1 to 2 feet
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Fishing Report for July 20 (Islamorada, FL)

#Mahi mahi fishing was a little better today than yesterday and we found plenty of fish! We went Offshore and had a good bite. We also caught a Skipjack Tuna and a few Barracudas for fun. Seas were calm
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Fishing Report for July 18 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished with a couple from St. Pete, FL. We started off on one of the Humps and caught a few Skipjack #Tunas. We then searched around for some #Mahi Mahi and were able to find a couple for dinner. Winds was light and seas were a foot or less.
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Fishing Report for Aug. 19

Today we fished a 3/4 day and we headed Offshore. We started off at the Hump and caught some nice Blackfin Tunas and Skipjack Tunas – sushi for dinner! We then looked for some #MahiMahi. We got lucky and found one school and caught around 10!
Wind was light out of the Southeast and seas were calm
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Fishing Report for March 16

Today we fished a full day. We started off by catching some live Ballyhoo. We brought some Pilchards and Blue Runners from our bait pen. We headed offshore to start and tried one of the Humps. We were able to catch about a half frozen Blackfin Tuna and a couple of Skipjack Tunas. We then head back in to about a 115 feet of water and put our kites up. We first caught a couple of big Bonitas. Finally in the last half hour we hooked and caught a nice Sailfish (Click on Link below to see the Video). He put on quite a show! The wind was up today around 18 to 20 knots. Waves were 3 to 5 feet.

Fishing Report for Nov. 19

We had a great morning half with Dinah and Bill! We started off the morning by loading the well with pilchards. We then went to the Hump where we had a great Blackfin Tuna bite! There were some sharks that were eating some, but Dinah and Bill were able to get 20 Blackfin Tunas past them plus a Skipjack and about 10 Bonitas. The wind was calm as well as the seas. Great day to be on the water.
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Fishing Report for Sept. 24

The Tuna bite is still on! We caught lots of Skipjack and Blackfin Tunas today….great day to be on the water in Islamorada, Florida Keys! Just a light South breeze and 1-2 foot chop Offshore. We are going to try the same thing tomorrow morning with the same group and then hit the Reef for some Yellowtail Snapper in the afternoon.


Fishing Report for Sept. 23

We cruised out to the Islamorada Hump today and caught about 10 Blackfin Tunas and also a few Skipjack Tunas. We then finished off the day on the Reef where we caught some nice Yellowtail Snappers and a big Barracuda! Seas were 1 to 2 feet in the Reef and 2 to 3 on the Hump. Wind was 12 to 15 knots out of the South. Water temp was 84 degrees.