Fishing Report for Feb. 10

Today we fished a full day with Rick Gross – one of our first charter guests! We started off by catching a few Ballyhoo and a couple of Yellowtail Snappers on the Reef. We then put our baits out in about a 125 feet of water. We caught a nice Kingfish to start, then this nice Blackfin Tuna (see video) and then we had a Sailfish get tangled up in the leader and jumped off. We ended up catching another big Tuna and a Yellowjack. Wind was light and variable. Waves were calm and the water temp was 77 degrees!


IMG_0221.JPG image


Fishing Report for Sept. 26

Today wasn’t as good as the last 2 days with this great group. We tried to catch some Amberjack on the Hump, but ended up fighting 2 sharks for most of the morning (see pic). Then we tried to catch some Tunas, but the sun was up too high and they weren’t biting, so we ended up on the Reef and caught 20 Yellowtail Snappers and a Mangrove Snapper. Wind came out of the West-Northwest at about 15 knots, waves were 3-4 feet out of the West and it was rough and water temp still 84 degrees!


Fishing Report for Aug. 1

photo-12It was non stop action today with a great mix of Tuna and Mahi Mahi! The Hump was alive with Tunas and then we found a good weed line in about 650 feet of water that had plenty of Mahi Mahi under it! It started out a little windy in the morning at around 16 knots but laid down to around 10 by the afternoon. Waves dropped out to 2 to 3 feet. We are fishing with Greg and his son Chris again tomorrow so we are going to mix it up and try some Reef and Wreck fishing. 



Fishing Report for July 27

Today was a great day! We caught and released a bunch of Mahi Mahi on the fly rod. Here is video of a double header on the fly rods! The Mahi have been a little far offshore, but it is worth it once you get out there lately. There was very little wind this morning, but it did pick up a little out of the South later on. Waves were calm and then picked up to around 2 feet.

Fishing Report for July 26

photoHere are Jack and Alex with some Blackfin Tunas. We fished the Hump in the morning to catch them and then came to the Reef in the afternoon where we caught some Yellowtail Snappers and a Cero Mackerel. Wind was out of the West at around 5 and the seas were 1 to 2 feet. Water temperatures was 84 degrees.