Fishing Report for Nov. 26 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a half day. The wind was blowing 25 plus knots 😳. We decided to try back in the Gulf. We had some rod bending action catching a few Spanish Mackerel, Blue Runners and Jacks – nothing huge, but fun action! Waves were only about a foot in the Gulf.
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Fishing Report for Nov. 24 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a morning half. We had some high winds today but we were able sneak to the reef for the morning. We had some good action catching around 20 yellowtails and a few blue runners as well. Wind was north at around 18 knots. Waves 3 to 4 feet.
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Fishing Report for Nov. 13 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a big group with two boats. We started off on the Reef and caught a few ‪#‎Snappers‬ and a Mackerel. Then we headed Offshore a little ways and caught a few ‪#‎mahi‬. Stopped one more time on the Reef on the way in and caught a ‪#‎Grouper‬ and 1 more Snapper. Wind was Southeast at 7 knots. Seas 1 to 2 feet
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Fishing Report for Nov. 11 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a couple of half days. \We caught our limit of Yellowtail Snapper and a couple of Cero Mackerels in the morning. In the afternoon we had a Sailfish request. It is still a little early for sailfish but we fished hard and after a couple of hours we finally raised 2 Sailfish! One jumped off but we landed the other! We had great weather all day with light and variable winds. Seas stayed calm
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Fishing Report for Nov. 10 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a morning half. We were trying to target Sailfish or a Wahoo, but they just weren’t around today. We still had some great fun action with some King Mackerels and Bonitas just off the edge of the Reef. The wind laid out and seas were calm
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Fishing Report for Nov. 7 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a full day. We started off on the Reef and had a great Yellowtail #Snapper bite! We then ventured Offshore and were able to pick away at some nice #mahi. We ended up with a great catch! Wind was Southeast at 14 knots. Seas 2 to 3 feet
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Fishing Report for Nov. 6 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a 1/2 day. We caught a well full of Pilchards along the shore to start. We then hit the Reef and it was great action! We caught our limit quickly and we also caught a nice Yellow Jack to finish. Wind was Southeast at 12 knots. Seas 2 to 3 feet
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Fishing Report for Nov. 3 (Islamorada, FL)

We caught a nice variety today on a half day #charter. We caught our limit of #Yellowtails to start. Then we caught a nice Mutton #Snapper and our limit of King #mackerel on a Wreck afterwards. Wind was 10 knot out of the Southeast. Seas 1 to 2 feet.
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Fishing Report for Nov. 1 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a half day. We started off catching some live Cigar Minnows. We then anchored down on the Reef and we had a great ‪#‎Snapper‬ bite! We then fished some live baits on some Wrecks where we caught a couple small King Mackerel. Wind was South. Seas 1 to 2 feet.
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