Fishing Report for Oct. 29 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a last minute half day. We headed out around 10 and caught some live Ballyhoo on the way out. We were trying for big fish so we Sailfished most of the time. We didn’t have any success so we eventually ended up on the Reef and had some good Barracuda fishing for fun! Wind was light and variable. Seas calm
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Fishing Report for Oct. 28 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a half day. We spent most of the morning catching some #Snappers on the Patches. We then trolled around for a while for some different action and we caught a couple of Bonitas. Wind was south at 14 knots. Seas 2 to 4 feet
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Fishing Report for Oct. 23 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a 1/2 day. We were able catch a bunch of live bait along the shoreline and then we headed Offshore. It was on the rough side, but once we got to the Hump we had great action! Plenty of Blackfin #Tunas! We also caught one small #Mahi. Wind was Northeast at 15 knots. Seas 3 to 4 feet.
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Oct. 23

Riding out on the #Fearless this morning in #Islamorada

Fishing Report for Oct. 16 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a full day. The weather was not looking good from the start but we wanted to give it a try. We started off by catching some live bait. We shot Offshore and the #Tunas were biting! It was rough with storms building so we caught our Tunas and decided to make it a short day. Wind was northeast at 18 knots. Seas 2 to 4 feet
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Fishing Report for Oct. 15 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we loaded the well with live Pilchards and then shot Offshore. We had a great #Tuna bite to start – we caught one after the other. We then looked for some #Mahi and found a barrel floating and were able to catch 7 or 8 nice Mahi around it. At the end of the day we caught a couple of King Mackerel off the Reef on the way in. Wind was calm to start and then picked up out of the Northeast. Seas started calm then to 2 to 3 feet
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Fishing Report for Oct. 13 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a morning half. The live bait was plentiful today so we shot right out to the Hump. Again the #Tunas were biting good and we caught all we wanted. We looked for some #mahi on the way home, but not luck. We caught a few Cudas near the Reef on the way in for fun. Wind was calm and seas too
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Fishing Report for Oct. 12 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we caught lots of live Pilchards to start our day with and then we shot to the Hump. We had great #Tuna action to start and then it slowed up. We looked for some #mahi for a little while and then caught a few Barracudas on the way in. Wind was light out of the west. Seas calm
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Fishing Report for Oct. 11 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a 1/2 day and we caught a few live baits on the way out. We had a variety morning today – we caught a few #Tunas, some Bonitas, a few King Mackerels, and a Mutton #Snapper. We had great weather! Light winds out of the West and seas calm
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Fishing Report for Oct. 10 (Islamorada, FL)

Had another full day today and we started off by filling our live wells with bait on the way out. We tried the Hump, but the #Tunas were not biting for us today. We finally looked for some #Mahi and after a bit we finally scored! We caught 20 or so nice Mahi. Wind was light and variable seas calm
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