Fishing Report for June 28 (Islamorada, FL)

Again today we had great Mahi Mahi action! Lots of quality fish! We found multiple schools and even saw a 30 pounder that we didn’t get to bite. The only bad note is that I got hit in the hand with the butt of a rod and cut it pretty good. I think I will survive because we are back at it tomorrow. Seas calm!!
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Fishing Report for June 27 (Islamorada, FL)

We left a little late today on a 3/4 day, but we were able to find some nice Mahi Mahi. We found a lot of small ones to start with, but eventfully found a good school of nice Mahi Mahi and caught our limit! Wind was calm again today! Seas calm!
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Fishing Report for June 26 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a full day and we had great Mahi action again! At first we only found small ones, but we eventually found some nice fish. We had one around 25 lbs. that got away. It will have to be a fish story now. We were able to catch our limit! Wind was light and variable. Seas calm!
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Fishing Report for June 24 (Islamorada, FL)

We had some great action today on the Reef and a little ways Offshore. We were able to catch some nice Yellowtail Snapper to start and then found a few Mahi Mahi not too far out to finish the day up! Wind was 12 knots out of the Southeast. Waves 2 to 3 feet #fearlessfishing #captjoehendrix #fishing #charter #islamorada

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Fishing Report for June 22 (Islamorada, FL)


We shot Offshore today for a full day of great fishing! We found several nice schools of schoolie size Mahi Mahi and reeled em in! We also had a Billfish bite on the way home. Unfortunately, he got away. Wind was 10 out of the Southeast. Seas 1 to 3 feet ‪#‎fearlessfishing‬ ‪#‎captjoehendrix‬ ‪#‎fishing‬ ‪#‎charter‬ ‪#‎islamorada‬


Fishing Report for June 21 (Islamorada, FL)

We fished the Reef today on a half day, but had some tough conditions – the water was crystal clear and there was no current.
We worked hard and we were able to get 15 nice Yellowtail Snapper for a few dinners. We also were able to catch a couple of Barracudas on the way home for fun. Seas calm today!
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Fishing Report for June 20 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a 3/4 day and we shot Offshore. Fishing was pretty good. We did find a lot of nice fish, but we had a hard time getting them to bite. Even the live baits weren’t doing the trick. We were able to still put a catch together with a few Tunas and Mahi Mahi in the mix. Wind was southeast at 8 knots. Seas 1 to 3 feet
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