Fishing Report for March 30 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a couple of half days. We started off catching some live Pilchards in the morning. We then caught a few King Mackerels. We then anchored down and had to work hard at it, but caught some Yellowtails for dinner. In the afternoon it was a little slower. We fished a few spots and only caught one Kingfish and one Barracuda. Finally we anchored down and caught a half dozen Yellowtails. Wind laid out and seas ended up calm. Only 1 to 2 feet in the morning
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Fishing Report for March 28 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a full day. We started off by catching some live bait. We were trying for a sailfish today so we put the kites out! It was definitely on the slow side today but we were able to catch a couple of kings and a few Bonita’s. Wind was north east at around 16 knots. Waves 2 to 3 feet
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Fishing Report for March 24 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a full day. We started off on the reef but it was slow so we headed offshore. We found a good school of mahi of the bat! We worked hard to catch a few. We then found a few more. We then had a request for a Barracuda and a Shark. We were able to catch a couple of Cudas and one small Shark! Wind was light out of the north. Seas 1 foot or less.
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Fishing Report for March 23 (Islamorada, FL)

MANATEES behind the boat….
Today we fished a 1/2 day. We caught a few live baits on the way out and then started on a Wreck. We caught a few Kingfish to start. We then hit the Reef for some Yellowtails for dinner. The water was clear and little current which made it a little tough, but we were able to get dinner! Wind was west at around 8 knots. Waves a foot
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Fishing Report for March 21 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a full day! Bait fishing started out tough but we caught around 20 live baits. We headed offshore to start. We started slow today not finding much as far as mahi or tuna. Finally a frigate bird gave away a nice school of mahi. We caught around 10 and one blackfin. We the caught around a half dozen king mackerels and 8 or10 nice yellowtail snappers! Another calm day
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Fishing Report for March 20 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished another full day. We caught a few live baits to start and headed offshore. We found piece of big plastic floating out in 650 feet of water and caught some nice mahi! One weighing 20lbs! We also caught a handful of Blackfin tunas and a king mackerel! Another flat calm day! No wind!
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Fishing Report for March 19 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a full day. We caught some live cigar minnows to start and then headed offshore. It started off a little slow. We caught a couple of bkackfins to start. We then found s big school of blackfins in 500 feet of water and caught a bunch! We then tried a wreck and the king bite was on today! We caught our limit of nice kings and a nice wahoo as well in the same area! Wind was light and variable. Sea flat calm


Fishing Report for St. Patty’s Day (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a full day. We headed offshore to start. We caught one Tuna to start and then lost a couple of Amberjacks. Then we hooked a big Shark that we fought for a couple of hours. We then hit the reef on the way in and caught 15 or so yellowtails. Wind was calm seas calm
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Fishing Report for March 16 (Islamorada, FL)

Today we fished a 3/4 day. We caught a few live baits and headed Offshore. We started at the Hump and it was slow to start. One of our buddies on another boat found a log floating and it made our day! We caught around 15 Mahi Mahi off of it! The wind finally laid out and seas calm!!
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