Sailfish on…

This video of a Hammerhead Shark eating our bait never gets old….


Post from Kathy Sears:
“My husband,Terry went out with this guy when we were in Islamorada, FL and he fulfilled 1 of his bucket list items – Yep, he caught a Sailfish. He loved this captain on the Fearless Fishing Charters out of Bob & Mary’s Marina”
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Fishing Report for Nov. 17

Today we fished a full day with Frank. We caught some live Pilchards and then put the kites out. We caught a Sailfish, a couple of Mahi Mahi, 3 big Blackfin Tunas and a couple of Bonitas. It was a great day and Frank was a great hands on charter guest! Wind was South at around 15 knots. Waves 2 to 3 feet
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Fishing Report for Nov. 13

Fishing Report for Nov. 13: Today we fished another half day. We started off on the Reef for some Snappers for dinner. We caught around a dozen and then put the kites up. We were lucky and hooked a triple header Sailfish within the first 20 minutes!! We only got one to the boat, but it was exciting. Wind was Northeast at around 12 knots. Seas 1 to 2 feet
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Fishing Report for Nov. 12

Fishing Reporr for Nov. 12: Today we fished a half day. We ended up catching 1 out of 2 Sailfish and a Bonita. Wind was North at around 8 knots. Waves a foot or less
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Fishing Report for Nov. 11

Today we fished a half day. We caught a few Pilchards on the way out. We put the kites up off the edge of the Reef. We had some good action. We first caught a big Rainbow Runner, than a Cero Mackerel, a nice Blackfin Tuna, and then a big Sailfish! Wind was around 8 knots out of the North. Waves a foot or less
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