Fishing Report for June 25

Mahi Mahi on the fly rod today with Bob Marsiglia! We found lots of nice Mahi that ate the fly today. It was a lot of fun! We tried for some Tunas but they were not cooperating today. Wind was out of the Southeast at around 10 knots. Waves were 1 to 3 feet.
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Fishing Report for June 23

Today we fished a half day. We had lots of mixed action. We started off on the reef and caught about 10 nice yellowtail snappers. Then we headed offshore and found the dolphins playing. Then we headed out and caught some mahi’s. Wind was light variable. Seas calm angain!
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Fishing Report for June 20

Today we fished a full day! We headed offshore for some mahi’s. It was great fishing again! We caught our limit and than released several others. We also caught a couple of blackfin tunas on the hump. Wind was light out of the south east and waves were calm.
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Fishing Report for June 15

Today we fished a half day on Father’s Day. We stayed close on the Reef and caught around 25 Yellowtail Snappers. We had a great current on the Reef which made it easy to catch them. After that we tried for a Grouper. Had a couple of bites but never got one to the boat. Wind was Southeast at around 15 knots waves 2 to 3 feet
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