Fishing Report for May 29

Today we fished a full day. We headed out for some #MAhiMahi. We had a tough day today. We covered a lot of water looking for some Mahi and only caught a handful of Schoolies. We lost one 20 pounder, but they were a little far and few between today. The conditions look good Offshore so I am hopeful for tomorrow. Wind was South at around 12 knots. Waves 2 to 3 feet
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Fishing Report for May 28

Today we fished a half day. We decided to shoot Offshore for some Mahi or Tuna. We got lucky and caught 5 or 6 Dolphin and 4 Tunas in a short amount of time. Wind was out of the Southeast at around 15 knots. Seas were 2 to 3 feet. Water temp was 81.
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Fishing Report for May 26

Today we fished a morning half day. We started off by fishing the Reef. We caught a variety of Blue Runners, Rainbow Runners, and nice Yellowtail Snappers! We also caught this big shark! At the end of the half we caught about 5 nice Barracudas. Great day! Wind was Southeast at around 12 knots. Waves were 2 to 3 feet.
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Happy Memorial Day

Fishing Report for May 21

More big flag Yellowtail Snappers today! We fished a 3/4 day on the Reef. We had a good Yellowtail Snapper bite. We then tried for some bottom fish without too many bites. Wind was Southeast at around 17 knots. Finally getting a little nicer. Waves 2 to 3 feet #fearlessfishing #captjoehendrix #snapperslayer

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Fishing Report for May 20

Today we were scheduled for a full day but since the wind didn’t let up, we hit the Reef! It was a good move. We caught out limit of some nice flag Yellowtail Snappers! We then tried near one of the Bridges for a Tarpon, but no luck. Wind was Southeast at around 20 knots again. Waves were 2 to 4 feet on the Reef
#fearlessfishing #captjoehendrix #windsucks

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