Fishing Report for April 29

Today we fished a half day and we started off on the Reef. The Yellowtail Snapper bite was finally decent today! After we caught a bunch, we headed out a little ways to look for some Mahi Mahi. No luck, but we are expecting them to get good any day now. We then caught a couple of nice Barracudas on the way in. Wind Southeast at around 10 knots. Waves 1 to 2 feet
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Fishing Report for April 26

Today we fished a full day with a bunch of guys having a bachelor party! We started off by catching some live Pilchards. We then fished on the Reef. The water was was very clear and we were only able to catch around 5 Yellowtail Snappers. We then headed Offshore and after a couple hours with no Mahi Mahi, we headed back to a different Reef spot. We were finally able to catch another 15 Yellowtail so we ended up with dinner! Wind was calm out of the East and waves were flat.
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Fishing Report for April 27:

Today we fished a half day. We started off on the Reef. We were able to catch a half dozen Yellowtail Snappers. Conditions were a little tough. After that we headed Offshore to try for an Amberjack. They were not biting today unfortunately. We then headed in to clean some Yellowtails for dinner.
Wind was Southeast at around 12 knots. Seas were 1 to 3 feet
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Fishing Report for April 25

Today we fished a half day with John. We headed out to the Reef and caught 15 #yellowtail#snapper. Dinner in the bag! After that we went Offshore looking for some Mahi Mahi, but we were out of luck and didn’t find any. We then made 1 drop for Amberjacks, had 1 on, but he got away! Calm day on the water
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Fishing Report for April 24

Today we fished a full day. We caught some live Cigar Minnows to start. We then headed Offshore. We had a few Amberjack bites, but today they won . We were not able to get them up . After that we headed back towards the Reef where we found a school Cobias! We caught 3. We then tried a Wreck and caught a handful of King Mackerel and a nice Jack Crevalle. Wind was Northwest and light and the waves calm.
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Fishing Report for April 23

Today we fished a 3/4 day. We started off by catching around 20 nice Yellowtail Snappers on the edge of the Reef. We then headed Offshore for#mahimahi. It was slow for awhile. We made a drop for an Amberjack and caught one. We finally, in the last half hour, found a handful of Mahi Mahi. We were able to keep 3. Wind was light out of the North. Waves were calm#fearlessfishing #captjoehendrix #fishing #charter#islamorada #fishing #bnm #conch

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Fishing Report for April 22

Today we had a morning half and an afternoon tarpon trip.
In the morning we headed Offshore to the Hump. We had some Amberjack wars! We pulled in some big ones today! On the way in, we tried the edge of the Reef and caught some Blue Runners which was fun on the light rods.
On our evening tarpon trip we first hooked a Shark that took us into the bridge. After that it was slow for awhile, but finally we had one on! We also had another couple of bites while we were fighting the one. Great way to end the day!
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Fishing Report for April 21

Today we fished a full day with John, his son and family friend. We started off on the Reef for some Yellowtailing. The boys made quick work catching around 30. After that we headed out to try and find some Mahi Mahi. We had a couple of on – catching around 10 and were able to keep 7. Lots of good dinner to come! Wind was Northeast around 14 knots and decreased to around 10. Waves were 1 to 3 feet. Water temp was 80.
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Fishing Report for April 20

Today we fished a half day. We started off by fishing the Reef. We caught some nice #Yellowtail Snappers and some Blue Runners. After that we found a school of Jack Crevals. They were some dragging pulling fun!!! We then caught a nice Barracuda on the way home. Wind was West at around 15 knots. Waves were 2 to 4 feet.
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