Fishing Report for March 31

Today was great day of fishing. Lost of variety! You never know in the spring time what you will catch. We were lucky today and caught a little bit of everything. We started off by catching some live Pilchards. We then put the kites out to try for a Sailfish. The conditions looked too good not to try…hard Northeast current! 20 minutes into it we had one on! We then fished another hour after that, but no bites. So we started to head Offshore. We came across a Manowar Bird and found some nice #MahiMahi. Then to the Hump for some Tuna and Amberjack action…non stop! Then on the way home we tried a Wreck and caught a Grouper we had to release. Wind was out of the Northeast at around 16 knots and waves were 2 to 3 feet.
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Fishing Report for March 29:

Today we fished double half days! We started off in the morning on the Reef. We caught a few Yellowtail Snappers, but unfortunately one of our guests was not feeling well due to a swell left over from yesterday. We still were able to catch them some dinner!
In the afternoon we headed offshore a little ways. We fished a Hump and caught a nice Amberjack and a couple of Blackfin Tunas for #sushi. Wind was out of the South at 10 to 15 knots. Waves were 3 to 5 feet.
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Fishing Report for March 28

Today we fished a full day. The wind was blowing hard this morning, but we went for it anyways! We started close on some Patch Reefs. The fishing was great. The Yellowtail Snappers were biting good. We also caught some live Ballyhoo there for bait as well. We then fished a Wreck for a little while. Only one small Kingfish and just one other bite. We then headed deeper and caught these two nice Amberjacks! Wind was Southeast at 18 to 20 knots. Waves were 3 to 5 feet. #fearlessfishing #captjoehendrix #fishing #charter #florida #keyz #islamorda #bnm #conch27

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“It’s all you’d want in a chartered trip.”
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I have been on several fishing trips in the past and some have been pretty miserable, mostly due to a grumpy or poor communicating captain. Joey is the opposite of that, he’s easy going and willing to do whatever it takes for a fun trip. Joey has a good all around business here. His boat is very nice and clean, a little bigger then others we looked into. He had an assistant that was nice and helpful. I was going with my two sons, ages 9 and 11. Both were very eager to go on this trip and Joey took us to a great spot right away where we pulled up about 15 fish in an hour, including two that we could bring back to eat later, one a huge mutton snapper. After an hour or so the seas were rough for us and my son was starting to show signs of seas sickness. I was afraid that our trip may be ruined! I mentioned it to Joey and he said no problem! he took us in by a bridge to fish where the water was very calm and after an hour or so my son was back to normal. We then went back out to fish for the remainder of our time. When we got back he cleaned the fish for us and it was enough to feed 12 people! He is a good young family man trying to make a living with his own business after years of working for others. Give him a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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Fishing Report for March 22

Today we fished a full day and it was a struggle for us. We started off on the Reef for some Yellowtail Snapper fishing. That was great, but after that it got tough. We went offshore and tried for the Tunas again, but today there were only a few and they were not biting well. We then ran back Inshore and tried some Wrecks. We had only a couple of bites. Today was a nice weather day with light wind and no waves.
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Fishing Report for March 21

Today we fished a full day with Dan and his wife. We did a variety of fishing today and ended up with a great catch! We caught some live Cigar Minnows on the way out. We then fished a Wreck and were able to catch a couple of King Mackerels. We then anchored down and to Yellowtail. The conditions were not great, but we still got our limit! ( no current today). We then headed offshore where we were able to have some Tuna action (see video). We caught 5 or 6 Blackfin Tunas! Today there was no wind. It was flat calm….great day!
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photo-7 Tunas Jumping on the Hump

Fishing Report for March 20

Today we fished a 3/4 day. It’s that time of the year where we catch a variety of fish. It is not alway a lot of one thing, but can be a lot of different things in the spring. Today we started off by catching about 20 Yellowtail Snappers. They were biting great! Then we put some live bait out and raised a couple of Mahi Mahi. We were able to catch one. We also caught a Kingfish that we released. Wind was out of the Nothwest at around 12 knots. Waves 1 to 2 feet.\#fearlessfishing #captjoehendrix #fishing #charter #islamorada #florida #keyz #conch27

Fishing Report for March 19

Today we fished a half day on the Reef where conditions were good. We were able catch Yellowtail after Yellowtail! We hit a couple of Wrecks before we headed in, but we only had one bite…not sure what it was. It was a pretty day today with winds out of the North at around 12 knots. Waves were 1 to 2 feet.
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