Fishing Report for Jan. 30

Today we were scheduled to fish all day. We started off by catching some live Ballyhoo. We also caught a Bonnethead Shark at the same spot. We then went to about a 115 feet of water and had a few King Mackerel bites and caught one small one. We then tried another spot in about a 130 feet of water and anchored down. We put the kites up and caught a very nice Kingfish, lost a few others and had a Sailfish bite. Not too long into it the rain started and we had to head in early. Wind was North at around 12 knots. Waves were 1 to 2 feet.

Fishing Report for Jan. 28

Today we fished a half day with a nice family from Sweden . We started of by catching some live ballyhoo and cigar minnows. They were tough today but we finally got them. We caught a nice red grouper we had to release and also a keeper mutton snapper while we were catching bait. We then fished a wreck in about a 120 feet of water and had a great kingfish bite. We also caught a few big barracudas before heading in. Wind was light and variable and waves were calm. Water temp was 73.

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Fishing Report for Jan. 27

Today we fished a full day. We started off by catching some live Cigar Minnows and then fished in about a 120 feet of water. We started off with a pretty good bite of Kingfish. We ended up catching a couple a losing a few. After that we caught a few Ballyhoo and tried for a Sailfish, but, unfortunately, it was very slow. We tried several spots and then went to the Reef where we caught a couple of Barracudas for some action. It was a pretty day. We had light wind out of the South. Waves were calm and water temp was 73 degrees!

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Fishing Report for Jan. 24

Today fished an afternoon half day. We were able to catch some Pilchards ahead of time along the shore. We started off by fishing a Patch Reef. We caught a nice Black Grouper that we released and missed a few others. After that we fished a Wreck in about a 130 feet of water. We put our kites up with our live Pilchards hanging from them. We were able to catch a nice King Mackerel, lost a Blackfin Tuna next to the boat and caught a Blue Runner on the bottom rod. After that we caught some big Barracudas on the Reef. It was on the windy side with wind about 18 knots out of the Northeast. Waves were 2 to 4 feet. Water temp was 72 deg.

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Fishing Report for Jan. 23

Today we fished a full day with the Grisolets from France. We started off by catching some live Ballyhoo and went to the edge of the Reef where we put out the kites. We had a few Kingfish bites, caught one big one, lost a few other ones. We then caught some big Barracudas which was a lot of fun! We also caught a few Bonitos. On the way home we caught some more big Barracudas. Wind was the North-Northeast at around 15 knots, waves were 2 to 3 feet and water temp 73!

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Fishing Report for Jan. 20

Today we fished a full day. We started off by catching live Cigar Minnows and Ballyhoo. Then we fished a Wreck in about 120 feet of water and caught 5-6 Kingfish. We then started targeting Sailfish – it was slow for a while, but we finally saw a free jumper,
ran over there and caught him! We had a big Wahoo swim up to the bow, but he got away. Wind was out of the North and it was light and variable, waves were calm and water temperature was 72°! #fearlessfishing #captjoehendrix#islamorada #fishing #keyz


Fishing Report for Jan. 18

We fished a full day today and we started off by catching a few hundred Pilchards and heading to the Hump. We were able to chum up a few Tunas, but the Sharks were bad! We were able to sneak 4 past them. We then headed back to the Reef for some Sailfishing. It was a little slow, but we finally had a bite and caught 1. We had a couple of Bonita bites too and we caught a big Barracuda on the way home. Wind was out of the North at around 10-12 knots, waves were 1-2 feet and water temp was 73 degrees! #fearlessfishing#captjoehendrix #islamorada #florida #keyz #budnmarys#fishing

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