Fishing Report for Nov. 30

We went out on a morning half today with Jeff Silverman and his family! We caught some live Cigar Minnows and Ballyhoos and then anchored on a Patch Reef. The conditions were not very good….the water was clear and the current was into the wind, but we were still able to catch some Yellowtail Snappers and one keeper Red Grouper and one keeper Hogfish for dinner! Then we put the kites up for a sailfish, but no bites. We caught one Shark on the down rod.
Wind came out of the NE at 18 knots, waves were 2-4 feet and water temp was 72.


Fishing report for Nov. 25

We fished with John Lewis and his son William. We started of by catching a lot of live Pilchards and Cigar Minnows for bait. We then headed to the Hump to chum up some Tunas. Unfortunately, the Sharks would only let us catch one. We then ran back to the Reef to catch some Yellowtails and a Mutton Snapper. After that we put the kites up to try and catch a Sailfish. No success but we did catch a few nice Bonitas and a Kingfish. The wind came out of Northeast and picked up throughout the day. It started off at 5 knots and picked up to around 18 knots. Waves picked up to 2 to 4 feet by the afternoon.#fearlessfishing #captjoehendrix

Fishing Report for Nov. 23

We had a full day today and started off by catching some live bait (Cigar Minnows and Ballyhoos). We then anchored down on the Reef and caught a bunch of Yellowtail Snappers and a nice Red Grouper. After that we put the kites up just off the edge of the Reef for a Sailfish. We ended up catching a few Bonitas, a nice Cero Mackerel, a King Mackerel, and finally in the last hour a nice Sailfish! The wind started off strong at around 18 knots, but came down as the day went on. Waves started off at 2 to 4 feet and laid down to 2 feet or less.
photo 2 photo 1

Fishing Report for Nov. 19

We had a great morning half with Dinah and Bill! We started off the morning by loading the well with pilchards. We then went to the Hump where we had a great Blackfin Tuna bite! There were some sharks that were eating some, but Dinah and Bill were able to get 20 Blackfin Tunas past them plus a Skipjack and about 10 Bonitas. The wind was calm as well as the seas. Great day to be on the water.
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Customer email and photos

Hi Joe

Just a note to thank you for a cracking day out, it’s a pity we weren’t able to boat a sail fish but at least we saw they were there! You took a couple of photos and I wonder if you could forward them on in return I attach a few I took, not the best, I was too busy concentrating on fishing.



P1100002 P1090969

Getting a NEW Motor

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Fishing Report for Nov. 8

Sails and Tails! We went and anchored down on the Reef where we caught 15 Yellowtail Snappers for dinner. Conditions were tough with the current in the wind, but they were still biting. After that we put the kites up with some live Cigar Minnows and we got a sailfish bite about 20 minutes into it. We fought it for 45 minutes…it was about 40-50 lbs. Wind came out of the North at 18 knots, waves were 2-4 feet and water temp was 78 degrees.

Fishing Report for Nov. 7 – the Sails are showing up

We went out on a full day charter….we started off catching live bait (Cigar Minnows, Ballyhoos and Sardines). We went just off the edge of the Reef and put the kites out and caught 2 Mahi Mahi (around 15 lbs.), 4-5 nice big Bonitas and a Mutton Snapper. We were 0 for 3 on the sailfish…the Sails look like they’ve showed up in the Keys! Wind was out of the NE at 5 knots, waves were a foot or less and water temp was 80.

IMG_2202 IMG_2205