Fishing Report for Sept. 15

We had Mark and Alice from Colorado fishing with us today and we went offshore to the Islamorada Hump! We caught about 8 Blackfin Tunas and 4 Skipjack Tunas on the Hump. On our way back we stopped near Alligator Reef and caught our limit of 20 Yellowtail Snappers! Wind came out of the Southeast at 12-15 knots, waves were 2-4 feet and water temp is still 84 degrees!


Fishing Report for Friday the 13th

It’s Tuna time in Islamorada! We had a half day today and caught 4-5 Blackfin Tuna and about a dozen Skipjack Tunas all on live Pilchards that we caught inside the Reef on the way out to the Islamorada Hump…about 15 miles offshore. Tom and his wife from Fort Lauderdale had a fun and calm day with light and variable wind, calm seas and warm water at 84 degrees!


Fishing Report for Sept. 12

We had a 3/4 day today and went out to the Islamorada Hump. The Tunas were biting like crazy! We caught 15-20 Blackfin Tunas and about 8-10 Skipjack Tunas! Wind came out of the East at 10 knots, waves were 2 feet and water temp was 84 degrees.

IMG_1960 IMG_1958


Fishing Report for Sept. 11

 It’s so good to be back on the water! The morning started off rainy, but the skies cleared and we ended up having a beautiful day. We went to the Islamorada Hump and caught a bunch of Blackfin Tunas and Skipjack Tunas. Then we went to the Reef and caught a few Yellowtail Snapper. Wind was out of the Southeast at 15 knots, waves were 2-4 feet and water temp was 84 degrees!IMG_1955


Customer Email

“Thanks for taking William and I on a great trip back in August!  I am attaching a couple of pictures.  We want to come back the week before Thanksgiving or around Christmas when school is out.  Which would be best and what do you target then?

Thanks JWL”

William and Capt Joey Mahi Mahi 2013 Fearless

Sept. 7

Just got back into town and sounds like the Blackfin Tunas have been biting and some Yellowtail Snappers on the Reef! Going out there Wed. to see what I can catch! Stay tuned…