Fishing Report for June 29

DSC01029We had a full day today and went offshore to catch some Mahi Mahi, but they were too small to keep. After that we went to the Reef and caught a hand full of Yellowtail Snappers. Wind was out of the Southeast at 10 knots, waves were 2 to 4 feet and water temp was 83. #fearlessfishing #mahimahi #offshorefishing #islamoradafishing #islamorada


Fishing Report for June 24

We caught a 20 pound bull Dolphin, some gaffer size and lots of schoolies. Wind was out of the Southeast around 18 knots, waves were 3 to 5 feet. Rough day out there in Islamorada! #offshorefishing #fearlessfishing #mahimahi #islamorada

IMG_1737 image

Fishing Report for June 23

image_1Today we took Bob out with his fly fishing rods and he caught 4 Blackfin Tunas on  fly! We also caught a few more on the spinning rods. Wind came out of the SE at 16 knots, seas were 3-4 feet and water temp was 83 degrees!

Fishing Report for June 20

1006193_10151633395138236_574241450_nWe fished a half day today and went to the Hump. David and Sharon were our charter guests and they caught a few Mahi Mahi – kept a couple for dinner – and half a dozen Blackfin Tunas and a few Skipjack Tunas. Wind out 0f the SE at 15 knots, 2-3 foot seas and water temp was 82. #offshorefishing #floridakeys #fearlessfishing

Fishing Report for June 19

IMG_1723We caught some nice Blackfin Tuna today on the Hump. Then we found a big school of Mahi Mahi. Most of them were on the small side, but we were able to keep around 10 for dinner! Wind came out of the SE at about 10 knots, waves 1-3 feet and water temperature went up to 83 in the beautiful #FloridaKeys #Fearless #offshorefishing

Fishing Report for June 18

IMG_1722The Mahi Mahi fishing was on the slow side today for most of the fleet, but we got lucky and found a bunch of schools and caught 10 keepers out of a lot of fish. The Blackfin Tunas started to bite too, which was good and we caught about 6. Wind out of the SE at about 15 knots, waves 2-4 feet and water temp 82 degrees.