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Fishing Report for April 28 – Afternoon Half

We fished with Jason and Becky Richards this afternoon! We went out to the Reef first and caught some nice big Yellowtail Snappers. Then we went offshore looking for Mahi Mahi and found one that got away. Then we deep dropped big bait to the bottom and caught a big Amberjack. The wind and waves didn’t let up from this morning, but Becky and Jason were tough!



Fishing Report for April 28 – Morning Half

Double half days today! So far we have caught our limit of Yellowtail Snappers and a nice Mahi Mahi. It’s very windy today with the wind out of the East at 20 knots, 3-5 foot chop and water temp is 81 degrees. This is our charter guest, Colton, celebrating his 12th birthday today! Happy Birthday Colton!



Fishing Report for April 27

FL. KEYs 12-21-22-2010 007We went out to the reef with charter guests Chris and Tom this morning and caught a bunch of Yellowtail Snappers. Then we trolled a little farther offshore and caught some Mahi Mahis and an Amberjack. Wind out of the East at 17 knots, 3-4 foot waves and water temp is 81 degrees!

Fishing Report for April 26

IMG_1582We are out here for a full day today and we are deep dropping for Amberjacks on a couple of the humps offshore! The sharks are eating quite a few of them, but check out this nice one! We also caught a Tuna earlier! Wind out of the East at about 13 knots, 2-3 foot waves and water temp is 80 degrees!


Fishing Report for April 25

IMG_1574We fished a morning half today. Started out going to the Hump and caught some Blackfin Tunas and then deep dropped for Amberjack….lost a few and caught this big one. Wind out of the East at about 13-15 knots, waves 2-3 feet and water temp was 80.

Fishing Report for April 24

YELLOWTAIL COOLERWe went to the reef this morning and caught Yellowtail Snappers. They were biting good because the current was going with the wind today. The offshore side was a little slower than yesterday. Wind out of the Northeast at 15 knots, 2-3 foot chop and water temp was 80 degrees.

Fishing Report for April 23

387268_10151529042218236_395075031_nIt’s a really nice day out on the water today in the Florida Keys! We just caught this Sailfish as well as a couple of big Kingfish and some Bonitas. Wind is coming out of the North at 16 knots, waves 1 to 3 feet and water temperature is 80 degrees!

Fishing Report for April 22

IMG_1565Cloudy and rainy day today in Islamorada and the Keys. The wind is out of the East…this morning it was 18-20 knots, but it’s laying out now to 8-10 knots and getting calmer… 1-3 foot chop and water temp is up to 80 degrees. We have had a good day so far, catching a bunch of Yellowtail Snapper, some Blackfin Tuna (yummy) and some small Mahi Mahi that we had to let go. Right now we are deep dropping for Amberjack and just caught this big one!

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Jennifer Armenia Thanks for a great day out on the water. It was my son’s first tuna and kingfish, and my husband’s first Hammerhead – we’ll be sure to recommend Fearless Fishing Charters to our friends and can’t wait to come back!